Conjunto Primavera

Date: Thursday, June 13th, 2024
Time: 8PM
Venue: Pipa Event Center

Must be 21+

Conjunto Primavera, founded on March 21, 1978, by saxophonist Juan Domínguez in Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico, has left an indelible mark on regional Mexican music. With members including Tony Meléndez (vocals), Frank Mata (bass), Félix Antonio Contreras (accordion, keyboards), Manuel Rolando Pérez (bajo sexto), and Adrián Regado (drums), the group initially performed locally before signing with an independent regional Mexican label in San Antonio, Texas.


Their breakthrough album, “Necesito Decirte” (1998), became RIAA-certified platinum, selling over a million copies. Subsequent albums like “Morir de Amor” (2000), “Ansia de Amar” (2001), and “Perdoname Mi Amor” (2002) achieved gold status, solidifying their popularity. Conjunto Primavera garnered Latin Grammy nominations, winning the award for Best Regional Mexican Song (“Aún Sigues Siendo Mía”) in 2006. Their albums consistently topped the Mexican Regional Albums charts, earning gold certifications.


Their success continued in 2014 when they were honored with the Latin Grammy for Best Norteño Album for “Amor Amor.” With a legacy spanning decades, Conjunto Primavera’s contributions to regional Mexican music are celebrated and revered, showcasing their enduring influence and talent in the genre.

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